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How to Prepare for a Retreat

In order to maximize your cropping time at a Camp Crop Alot, I suggest having your album project goals in mind. For instance, plan and prepare the specific pages/photos you will be working on by having the photos organized and ready to scrapbook along with the supplies needed to put together these pages. Prepare a plan for the pages you hope to accomplish. At Camp Crop Alot, the combined creativity of you and your buddies near you will generate fabulous ideas for your layouts. When you are really stuck, there will be a whole room full of very qualified people to offer suggestions. Be sure to bring many photos for more pages than you think you will be able to accomplish! You certainly do not want to run out of material to crop!


To get the most use of your scrap camp time I recommend doing a little preparation before camp:

Make a selection of 'pack and go' pages. You may want to prepare 10-20 packs. Get a package of 2-gallon ziploc bags. Think about what pages you might want to do. Put the photos in the big ziploc bag with the items you need to complete the page. Select several papers that coordinate with the photos. Leaf through a few idea books and come up with a plan for the page, or jot on a post-it note what you want to do. Allow at least two days to get your 'pack and go' pages ready. I have found that the 'pack and go' method works very well for me. I can get the most out of my precious crop time if I'm well prepared.


Next, pack a few extra envelopes of photographs with no idea what to do with them. These are for ideas you might get at camp-- Pack just a FEW extra papers that coordinate with those photos. The Camp Store vendors will carry, paper, stickers and probably anything else that you need for a layout! You can also make use of the camp Tool center Cricut diecut machines and punches as well!


Bring your personal paper trimmer and tool box with pens, scissors, tweezers, adhesive, erasers, small ziplocs (for letters or punchies) and other small tools. Don’t forget your chalks and colored pencils! Do NOT plan on trying to journal a lot at a weekend retreat, unless you can block out what other people are saying. Otherwise you will end up with some pretty funny journaling. Don't worry about bringing oval or circle cutters or large cutters, because those tools will be available. I try to get all my cropping supplies for a weekend crop in one small case and one toolbox. Remember that each person has a limited amount of space .


Can I sit with my friends?
Of course! I will not be assigning seats though, so it’s first come, first serve.  Just make sure that you and your friends know that the first person that arrives from your group should save seats for the rest of your group. Each person will have 1- 4 foot  table.


What should I bring?
Bring as much of your own cropping supplies and equipment as you can carry. You will have 4 feet of personal cropping space, so organize your supplies to be readily available within your reach.


We have a stereo to play your own CD's throughout the retreat   Everyone's taste in music is different. If you would like to bring along your favorite CD's of easy-listening style of music, we would be happy to play them. Please make sure that the music is "background-type" music and not something that will distract from cropping. We reserve the right to refuse playing any music.


Comfy clothes. Bring along a sweater if you are cold natured. I recommend layering your clothes so that if you get too warm you can shed a layer and add extra layers if you are chilly.

Personal items like your toothbrush. We provide tooth paste, soap, shampoo, etc.


Bed & bath linens are provided, the beds will be made prior to your arrival. We do ask that you strip the sheets off before you leave. Pillows are provided but if you have a favorite one, feel free to bring it.

Although SOME snacks will be provided, you may wish to bring along your favorite chocolate snack or munchies.

We provide a Tag-A-Long drink and trash bag holder. This is a must if you are going to have drinks at your cropping area. You definitely DO NOT want to spill anything on your pages, or, the pages of someone else!

Camera - take pictures of your new friends and remember all the fun you had at the Camp Crop Alot Retreat. (Another excuse to use all those cute crop themed stickers you just had to have!)

Cash and/or your checkbook - Scrapbooking products will be available for purchase throughout the weekend.


Above all, bring a great attitude or we’ll freeze your bra while you’re sleeping LOL!!! Come ready to learn new techniques and to share your own expertise. Come ready to meet new friends. And finally, be prepared for a blast!




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